angat_sa_batas (angat_sa_batas) wrote,

birthday mania

thank you to all who made the time and effort to go to our joint birthday bash!

im also sorry if i offended, cursed, screamed at, or just plain out hassled anyone there ._.

i was blind drunk 10-15mins after my birthday actually fucking hit. pacing my ass.

i actually tried to pace myself so i just drank beer till 12:01 am, but when that hit, i started going around taking shots at different tables. its like eric and i rented out a place, bought the booze, and told everyone who arrived "putangina bahala na kayo saming dalawa". tamang pakawala eh!

i heard i was fucking falling down all over the place, and eric was clinging to the walls for support hahahha!

aaron of april morning skies looked like a refugee by the morning as you will see in the pics.

twas a GREAT way to spend my birthday. joint party with my bestfriend, lot of good people, beer and rhum, and getting blind by 1am :)

go here to see!
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