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from the mouth of a 12-horned demon

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26th June 2008

1:43am: exhibit! lizgo!

you know what's funny? i actually copy-pasted the above link hahahahahahaha
Current Mood: lonely

14th October 2007

3:17pm: hello hello

damn you audrey kawasaki. if we were immortals like the highlanders, youd be the first person i would hunt down to gain all youre knowledge and power. (or maybe frank frazzetta if i by chance i happen to see him first hahahaha

so its been a wild and crazy ride as of late and im happy and excited and curious and smiling and wanting and almost always laughing.


19th July 2007

8:47pm: bunnies!
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15th July 2007

5:53pm: para kay ely
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12th July 2007

5:37am: my new tattoo!
finally started my sleeve with "the pawikan of death" :D

check it out!


15th May 2007

12:39am: here we go
im gonna try and get the first patch of my sleeve done before the tower of doom siege tour.

im so fucking excited XD

29th April 2007

2:10pm: i lost my phone again friends. it was jacked along with my wallet at the pulp summer slam hahaha.


8th February 2007

10:57pm: dammit!

18th January 2007

6:54am: oh noes
my phone got stolen last night so im sad.
right outta my room too dammit.
no more pictures from gary hahaha

please spread the word thanks

9th January 2007

8:30pm: sana panalo ang 2007 para sa inyong lahat :D

maraming malaking pagbabago ang gumapang sa ating lahat, at iilan lamang ang nakapansin.

13th December 2006

2:01am: goldie found it!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

yup thats me with cindy kurleto.

thanks goldie! and thanks mich! woohoo!

11th October 2006

2:46pm: SUNOG kayong lahat!
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26th September 2006

7:11am: toink!
im such a multiply whore ._.


20th August 2006

7:38pm: .....
just a little bit unsettling i tell you.

3rd August 2006

3:24pm: birthday mania
thank you to all who made the time and effort to go to our joint birthday bash!

im also sorry if i offended, cursed, screamed at, or just plain out hassled anyone there ._.

i was blind drunk 10-15mins after my birthday actually fucking hit. pacing my ass.

i actually tried to pace myself so i just drank beer till 12:01 am, but when that hit, i started going around taking shots at different tables. its like eric and i rented out a place, bought the booze, and told everyone who arrived "putangina bahala na kayo saming dalawa". tamang pakawala eh!

i heard i was fucking falling down all over the place, and eric was clinging to the walls for support hahahha!

aaron of april morning skies looked like a refugee by the morning as you will see in the pics.

twas a GREAT way to spend my birthday. joint party with my bestfriend, lot of good people, beer and rhum, and getting blind by 1am :)

go here to see!

19th July 2006

11:26am: Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

this is as close to having superpowers as ill ever get :/

11th July 2006

4:13pm: random.
man this weather fucking sucks donkey dick.

ive been watching more TV than normal because of all the new cartoons.

cog launch is over and done with.



2nd July 2006

12:37pm: oi punta kayo sa album launch namin!

it's on the 8th, this saturday at the new location of purple haze bar ehich is in tomas morato near E. rodriguez.

you can either pay 100 pesos and get 3 beers, or grab a copy of the album for 250 pesos with 2 beers. so kahit ano mangyari, may beer! putangina pumunta na kayo diba?!

24th June 2006

8:51pm: i kill you!

5th June 2006

7:03am: wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

14th May 2006

11:23am: woot woot
alright kids!

my family just left for hongkong this morning and i have the house all to myself till the 17th :)

if you guys are bored or looking for something to do even during the middle of the day, gimme a ring if you wanna hang out here. ill feed you hahaha. or if you want to have a nice little drinking partey, lemme know.

kahit kapekape lang pwede na :)

2nd May 2006

11:48am: tamang greenbelt na may buhangin
i was in boracay from thurs till yesterday for my cousin's wedding. it was real nice and romantic the whole wedding at the beach thing hehehe.

the minute we landed i took my shirt off and packed my sandals in my bag. i only wore them again when we were headed back to the plane. i love the sand. i loved digging my toes into them.

i met a lot of new friends (mostly tattoo artists) and old ones who had disappeared and were living there. one tattoo artist i met told me to study tattooing and go back so we could tattoo together. it has become an option ladies and gents. apparently there is a 500% mark up on pieces there.

it was great hanging out with everyone there, but it think its strictly a vacationing place for me. it was kinda sad when we were leaving, but i dont think i could last there thinking about it realistically hehe.

boracay partypartyCollapse )

it was like sodom during the evenings i tell you.
Current Mood: calm

24th April 2006

9:22pm: muzak
my album listCollapse )

20th April 2006

10:09pm: tamang biglaan
so i found myself drinking at alan's studio one night with nikki and lenie and we suddenly decided to go to ilocos. yep it was that simple. it was a tuesday night i think, and unfortunately lenie backed out, so i went and asked ibarra since he asked me to drop by friday night.

me: "whatre you doing this weekend?"
bars: "wala.. just stay home i guess. whats up?"
me: "vigan tayo. alis kami ni alan at nikki myang 3am."
me: "daanan kita mamaya."
bars: "ayt amigo! ill finish whatever im doing."

i love no plans.

warning: a whole lotta pics!

woot! woot!Collapse )

it was a crazy ride. a very fun, tiring, crazy ride.

it wasnt just a beach trip for me, but also a cultural road trip.
and most importantly, it wasnt planned :)
Current Mood: bouncy
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